Free Competency Test

Competency Test is a means of assessing your understanding of the various topics you have learnt in individual subjects.

For taking the Competency Test, you will need to ‘SIGN UP’ ON THE I-WIN PORTAL. It is FREE.

It’s best to take the test for the previous class you have studied, especially if you plan to enroll into I-WIN at the beginning of the year. For example, if you are enrolling into 11th class, you should attempt the test for the 10th class. You can take the test for the current class (in this case 11th class), if you are more than half way into the academic year.

In the Competency Test for 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th classes, there are 60 questions in Mathematics and 90 questions in Science (covering Physics, Chemistry and Biology) … 150 questions in all. You need to answer in 150 minutes.

In the Competency Test for 11th and 12th classes there are 60 questions in each of your core subjects …. Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Mathematics. In all, there are 180 questions to be answered in 180 minutes.

The report of the Competency Test will be sent to your email. Based on the result you can plan to improve in topics in which you have not scored well.

Please remember – YOU CAN TAKE THE COMPETENCY TEST ONLY ONCE and cannot repeat it.