I-Win Methodology

I-Win is based on the concept of adaptive learning, which is recognized as the most effective form of learning world over. Adaptive learning is a technique that provides learning to suit your individual need. The system identifies your weak areas and tailors the instruction accordingly. Instruction is therefore given keeping you in mind....not everyone in the class.

I-Win constantly tracks your progress and gives you the instruction and problems accordingly. Mentors at I-Win will assess your performance and will advise you on the way forward. They will give you tips to cope up with the syllabus and plan your study.

You will start answering questions step-by-step and build your expertise gradually. You will study the material and practice the tests for each topic and each chapter. The questions automatically take you from an elementary level to expert level in each topic.

I-Win helps you plan your studies keeping your school and class work and homework in mind. All that you need to do is to study in accordance with the plan. If you follow the I-Win method scrupulously, your success is imminent - both in your Board exams and Competitive exams.

I-Win helps you clear your doubts as you move on.... there are email and chat facilities available. Also there would be webinars by experts once in a while in each subject that address the common doubts.

In the last mile preparation (last month before exams), I-Win provides a number of mock tests and expert tests. These help you practice thoroughly - both in terms of accuracy and speed.

I-Win provides a complete preparation platform. Just follow the instructions promptly and you will surely WIN.